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  • Manufacturer: Vitakraft/Sunseed

Munchable fun. Premium quality. Treats for Dogs. 

  • Manufacturer: Redbarn Pet Products

Redbarn’s new Beef Cheek Rolls are made from all-natural cowhide sourced from cow cheek. Beef Cheek Rolls are a puffy, lightweight, and single-ingredient chew free of chemicals, additives, preservatives, flavors, and coloring. Even better, our line of Beef Cheek chews is naturally rich in collagen, which helps support your dog’s joint health.

  • Manufacturer: Spot Farms

Take your dog back to their ancestral roots with our shredded jerky treats. Each grain free treat has the rich, hickory smoked flavor your dog craves. These protein rich treats have no added sugar or fillers, giving your dog the satisfaction of the hunt from the comfort of home.

Freeze dried USDA Duck protein functional dog treats with CBD provide the best delivery system available. Free of grain and gluten, these natural treats are great for dogs with any diet. 

Rawhide alternative. Premium Dog Chews. Long lasting. Easy to digest. 8 Pack.

Pierless Pets freeze dried treats are here to satisfy your pets cravings with this delicious single ingredient bite-size treat. Our Salmon Collars are made from Salmon caught in the USA that has been freeze-dried to preserve all the natural nutrients and flavor that comes with this protein-rich treat. 

  • Manufacturer: Emerald Pet

Emerald Pet Twizzies all natural chews are made in the USA using US ingredients and proteins. Each of our Twizzies chews are extruded through a proprietary process to ensure they are 100% digestible. This process allows the stomach to digest our chews fully and creates a safe alternative to body part based chews, rawhide and other hard to digest products. The limited ingredient formulas are free of common food allergens like wheat, corn, dairy and soy. In addition, Twizzies do not contain grain, gluten, sugars, sweeteners, or any other fillers. High protein levels from the high meat content assures you are feeding only the best to your dogs. 

  • Manufacturer: Superior Farms Pet Provisions

When is a rawhide not a rawhide? When it's a cheek roll! Dogs love to gnaw on this all-natural chew! Available in 10-12" and 5-6" sizes.

  • Manufacturer: Lancaster Meat Co.Treats

Jackalope™ Mini-Meatballs are crafted from our secret recipe using a fine blend of high-quality ingredients just like mama used to make. We use the finest exotic proteins to satisfy your dog's cravings for wild flavors. We make our meatballs mini and soft so that your dog can enjoy awesome flavors in a familiar style. Now share these worry-free treats with your furry friend and give 'em a hug from us.

Boss Dog® Brand Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Treats use 100% Human Grade ingredients with flavors that pets love to create an irresistible treat. They will love the combinations of Peanut Butter & Banana, Cheddar & Bacon and Pumpkin & Cinnamon. Be sure to stock your freezer with all three flavors for your pet! These frozen Greek Style Yogurts are a great daily treat. Try them after a walk for a cool down or even for training. Simply open and hold the cup and command away.

  • Manufacturer: Barkworthies

Our variety packs for puppies are designed to introduce them to safe chewing. These all-natural treats and chews are crafted with nutrients to help keep your dog healthy in every stage of life. Ranging from a Rabbit Roll to a Split Elk Antler, these chews are perfect for light to power chewers.

Blueberry & Peanut Butter Soft-Baked. Net wt. 5.0 oz. Made in the USA.

  • Manufacturer: K9 Granola Factory

Top Selling Flavor! Our Birthday Cake is the newest addition to our Soft Bakes Collection and has become a top pick. Whether celebrating their big day or just offering a treat that's simple delicious, you won't be disappointed. Grab one for a friend!

  • Manufacturer: Annamaet Petfoods

These Canine Companion Treats put the same low ash meat and high quality fish that you insist on in your pet’s bowl at your fingertips whenever you want to indulge your best friend. These cookies are balanced with vitamins and minerals including L-Carnitine, a natural amino acid which helps maintain lean muscle mass and supports healthy cognitive function.

  • Manufacturer: Spot Farms

Spot Farms® believes knowing where your dog’s food comes from is just as important as knowing what’s in it. Each human grade dog treat is made with cage free meat and organic whole grains. A delicious, quality treat for them, peace of mind for you.

Established in 1994, Preppy Puppy Bakery has been baking, growing, and expanding their line of wholesale gourmet dog treats ever since. They are not just woofing when they say they bake the finest wholesale dog treats you will find anywhere! Preppy Puppy Bakery goodies are made from the finest wholesome ingredients and are baked with tender loving care. All Preppy Puppy treats are wheat and corn free! *Prices starting at $.49 cents at Phillips Pet Supply Outlet.

The energetic, wide-eyed ostrich is native to the grasslands of South Africa. Though they are the world’s largest flightless birds, their long legs enable them to run at speeds of over 65 km (40 miles) per hour. Bred and fed a pure and balanced diet in their natural environment, breathing clean air and free to roam through vast areas of territory, the meat of these agile birds is a novel protein, uniquely lean, healthy and very tasty which poses a low risk of food allergies to pets.


  • Manufacturer: Earth Animal

Our Venison No-Hide® Chews are made with premium deer, wild game meat.  They are a long-lasting, easily digestible chew, created for your dog’s enjoyment and your own peace of mind.

Healthy, tasty gluten-free dog biscuits with 4 mg of CBD in each treat! We use all Organic Ingredients and all products are human grade! Check out what other people are saying on our testimonial page. Ingredients: Organic Oat Flour, Organic Pumpkin Puree, Organic Oat Bran, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Molasses, USDA Certified Organic CBD, Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice.

A delicious, pet-approved, low fat snack that all dogs are sure to love! Perfect for those dog days of summer! Available in two scrumptious flavors, Mint and Peanut Butter.

Like a home-cooked meal, these dog treats feature real USA chicken and generous cuts of vegetables for a Chicken Pot Pie flavor your loyal companion will truly love.

  • Manufacturer: Merrick Pet Care

Merrick Fresh Kisses™ are an innovative, natural dental treat designed not only to clean dog’s teeth, but to truly freshen breath at the same time. Merrick Fresh Kisses feature a double-brush design to clean teeth by removing plaque and tartar as the treat is chewed.

Fresh Kisses are made with all-natural ingredients specially formulated to freshen breath. Merrick Fresh Kisses are also the only dental treats to be both grain-free and potato-free, and like all Merrick treats, Fresh Kisses are safely cooked in the USA with no ingredients from China.

  • Manufacturer: Earth Animal Pet Products

At last, a healthier, better alternative to Rawhide. No-Hide™ Chews gives new meaning to dog treats. When it comes to our true core values, we insist on quality and we never settle for second best. We were tired of unacceptable ingredients and chemicals. This is why we created No-Hide™ Chews. They are one of the first chews of its kind and Hide free!

Our No-Hide™ Chicken Chew is a long-lasting, easily digestible chew, created for your dog’s enjoyment and your own peace of mind. The chicken has been carefully rolled, cooked, and uniquely dried for a one of a kind chew your dog will love!